Screen Printing Never Die

“In history, Screen Printing begin in 1911. Silkscreen, nowadays majority we called it local here.”

Screen Printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto printing surface. Every image expose, ink pulling, type of fabric material, every process, it’s involved more handmaking step preparation than ever in caricature drawing. Triton Lim, in addition to the Caricature Artist Malaysia, he is also a Screen Printing Artist Malaysia now.

Color Separation

Spot Color [max 2 color]: start from 10/25/50 pieces order quantity. Less than 10, charges will be different. In future, hopefully Pantone Color, Halftone Color, CMYK color, will brought in here. Where all these ink have it own characteristic and purpose.

Custom Made Apparel

Custom made tees, need time and quantity to process. And made from locally. We check the quality time to time. To ensure that every pieces is stand to compete with important brand. Even you feel comfortable to wear.

Manual Hand Print
The Progress

To perform great quality in screen printing, each step of processing is important. From sketch to ending product, all handcrafted by Triton Lim Artist. Manual hand pull and push silkscreen print. Fabric garment custom make come accordingly. No matter how small quantity is, we treat it based on artistic point of view to completed the projects. Rather than just selling something in low cost. It is important to have a hand feeling tees, keeping the vintage feel.

Ours residency studio is not open to public. Any inquiry/appointment, kindly contact: Triton 012-2645319/ Jesslyn 012-8838321. **Limited message reply in WhatsApp.**

Crafty Tees

“From passion turning ideas to inspiring branding crafty.”

Triton Lim Artist co-operation with LA’TCŌ now. Garments apparel, locally Malaysia made here. Proudly to say that, it’s produced in Malaysia.

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LA’TCŌ Crafty


“Learn silkscreen & combine your drawing ideas on surfaces.”

Screen Printing is unique & useful for producing artworks in certain of quantity. Triton Lim, who mastering Screen Printing, is not easy a long the way. Finding a right Shifu, who willing to teach, and share the knowledge, even after workshop giving advice, and a good ideas, is not easy to find. Part of screen printing tasks, Triton Lim now become a teacher, hopefully the workshop here is useful with your ideas creation in future. 您想透过学习掌握基本绢印技巧,而又可以自己下手吗。