Let Them Be

Child creativity most of the time, we as adult can’t imagine what they trying to say. As a supportive parents, we should not try to control or try to tell the kids, “this” “these” “that” can’t be done. Let them be, what ever they like to draw, what ever they like to tell. Let them express. 孩童画过的画,过了一段时期,分分钟不记得他们自己画过什么。唯有好好为他们保管好作品。

Wear It On

Kid growing fast. Kid easy forgetting what they had done in the early age too. It’s proud parents can wear kid creation every day. Let kids creativity remind adult nothing can’t be done. As long you believe on your child. “Proud to have you.”

In junior Loke collection here, all artwork reserve original taste. With some help for additional add-on, and screen print apply on garments. 把孩童的创作都穿上身上吧。