Live Caricature Entertain

Joy & Tear Moment

“Since when, you hear the people laugh till cry?”

Having doodling artist, portrait artist, sketching artist, or even students, already stay part away of caricaturist role. And since when you try out something unique in your event? Besides having live band, photographer, musician, videographer, emcee and others. Triton Lim specialize in Live Caricature Entertain since 2010. For wedding, private event, birthday, corporate annual dinner, family day, conferences, product launching, roadshow & others relevant.

Significant Call

“Can I have more flavour?”

Adding company details on paper, this giving people easy recognize your product. Beside paper, drawing on bottle surface and cotton canvas material are available. Besides that, promoting 3rd party device tablet available too.

Adding company logo, event date, venue, and specific body, giving customer remember you more.

Drawing on plastic bottle & cotton canvas bag are the option you might go for it.

Promoting device tablet is usual nowadays. Triton already co-operated with Surface Pro, Konica Printer & HP.


We understand that you are looking live caricature artist for your events and keen to have an immediate answer. But before that, we are strongly recommend you refer info page here first. Inquiry via WhatsApp is limited support. And no panic-call. Price quotes replying via email inquiry, with such details: Name | Contact | Inquirer status | Booking live caricature type | Event type | Date | Venue | Starting time | Hours required | Additional message. (**limited support for those who provided lack info)

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How to Save your time via email inquiry?

Refer on web info is the best way to understand how caricaturist work here. Provided enough info via email is important. “You need some one advise or info, please same time introduce who you are.” Among the organizer get info here a bit get info there a bit, it wouldn’t work, for you to get a job from your client. Fully understand what client need, then you try look for suitable caricaturist. It’s help you save a lot of time finding answers.

How many caricaturist working with you?

I’m solo.

Can you find others caricaturist for me?

Recommended search via Google.

I having 300pax people. Would you manage draw all the guest?

Two method recommend here. i) Hire few caricaturist via Google. ii) Snap photo of the guests. Drawn after event day. Delivery to you when finished.

Can I pay you after one month?

Deposit advance. Balance clear on the event day. Or full payment make in advance. NO delay. NO after event day.

Could I kindly have the drawings not so “cartoon-like”?

Triton Lim draw with his own personal style. Client must fully understanding the difference in between Caricature and Portrait.

Do you accept outstation event?

Yes. Air ticket + transportation + accommodation bear by organizer/client.

I haven't received email reply yet?

Make sure check on SPAM folder.

Live Caricature Traditional

How many person can drawn in 1 hour?

Approx 8-10 person.

What size paper drawing for live traditional?


Live Caricature Digital

How many people can you draw an hour?

Approx 7 ~ 8 person.

What tablet device you are?

Ipad Pro.

What size paper drawing for live digital?

4R, photo paper.

What do I need to provide on spot?

Electricity switch point/extension plug. 2 or 3 chairs. Small desk for putting printer setup. Make sure covered area’s is concrete floor. No shaking floor/stage.

Would you able, if our company like to hire you for ours latest tablet device and drawing app?

Absolutely yes. We are happy that you provide us a set of tablet device/drawing app 2 weeks before at least. Bear in mind, artist not only focus on yours one task. So more time is good for artist preparing.





Inquirer Status
Event PlannerCorporatePersonal


Event Type

Event Date

Event Venue

Event Starting Time

Hours Required

Additional Message

Past Projects

Stabilo Malaysia
Konica Malaysia
The Children’s House
Tokio Marine Insurances Malaysia

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“Is portrait, big head & caricature same family?”

For those: i) well patience ii) keen to learn iii) good listener. You are welcome to apply for your company refreshment and school activity.