“Unlike Anything”


Hi! I’m Triton Lim, Caricature Artist Malaysia, drawing live caricature in variety events. An unique art entertainment. I’m Screen Print Artist Malaysia too, producing hand-pulled silkscreen edition on surfaces time to time.


You are a legend mate !!! Thank you very much. You have done a splendid job.


No “Big Head”

Draw Big Head small body, everyone can draw it. Scan, tracing, photostat, the simple way for you to drawing Big Head. Some called it Q版肖像 too. You should try to draw it by yourself.

But Caricature, different story. It’s based on caricaturist experience. Caricature is the sketches draw a person in symbolic way or exaggeration way. This is what Triton Lim Artist always always and insists what he started, “Caricature”.

Year over year, the deepest he expose to Caricature, the stronger style he become.



Some people work for low fee. Some, work for exposure. You pay, and you get whatever drawing is. It doesn’t care how the outcome look liked. “As long I pay you, I give you order, you better get me done everything”.

But, what make Triton Lim unique is, he never simply follows order or easily accepts a job, not because the payment, not because the reputation, or media expose. Whatever against his concept of Caricature, he will say NO. He choose to be himself, rather than led around by the nose by other people.

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Live In The Moment

Life has no meaning without you

Thank you for coming and making such a great impact in our event. The bosses and all the participants are so very happy.

About Triton Lim

Triton Lim, as a Caricature Artist Malaysia since 2010. He drawing live caricature entertain in variety events. Same time he playing a role as a Screen Print Artist Malaysia too, since 2017. He producing his own hand-crafted tee with hand pulled traditional silkscreen method.

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