— from Triton Lim:

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Caricaturist | Screen Printer

Triton Lim, Caricature Artist Malaysia, offering live caricature entertain in diverse range of events. He is Screen Print Artist Malaysia too, who produces hand-pulled silkscreen edition on surfaces.

Once In Your Life

One time in your life, you will remember the artist, who drawn you in exaggerated way. You will come back and have a look at the drawing after some times. Again and again. You sure will remember that’s moment, the caricature artist who bringing you laughing and tears.

Caricature, consider something unique, artistic and in the middle of demand in Malaysia culture here. And it is in encourage stage for live caricature entertain in any kind of events, if possible.

Journal Is Everything

What author planned, felt, happiest, sad, tips & etc, will be get read all of it here. Writing blog in a habit since beginning. No matter it’s about caricature & screen printing, or personal, blogging never die…

Recent Stories

Discover Screen Printing

Triton Lim go further beyond his expertise. He started up screen printing. And wish to perserve the original hand drawing feel on surface as much as possible.

Screen printing

Saya Anak Malaysia

Screen print by Triton. Water based ink on shirt. Sky blue, Red, Black, White T-shirt available. Ready for ordering.



Daily life, Excitement, News and etc.

You Just Need To Believe, Promise Me

Triton Lim, as a Caricature Artist Malaysia since 2010. He drawing live caricature entertain in variety events. Same time he playing a role as a Screen Print Artist Malaysia too, since 2017. He producing his own hand-crafted tee with hand pulled traditional silkscreen method.