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“I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Caricaturist | Screen Printer

Triton Lim, Caricature Artist Malaysia, offering live caricature entertain in diverse range of events. He is Screen Print Artist Malaysia too, who produces hand-pulled silkscreen edition on surfaces.

Once In Your Life

One time in your life, you will remember a face. That’s exaggerated face. Someone drawing a face. You come back have a look at the drawing. You will remember that’s caricature artist who draw you. You will remember the laughing moment around you.

Journal Is Everything

What author planned, felt, happiest, sad, tips & etc, will be get read all of it here. Writing blog in a habit since beginning. No matter it’s about caricature & screen printing, or personal, blogging never die…

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Discover Screen Printing

Triton Lim go further beyond his expertise. He started up screen printing. And wish to perserve the original hand drawing feel on surface as much as possible.

Screen printing

The Origin Tee

I never thought I want having my 1st screen print creation for my t-shirt product. The little kid just my imagination and draw by hand. And scan it without any touch-up. Add in a bubble text with help of Photoshop. Then finally screen print on shirt with water-based ink color. I hope people loving Triton first creation here.


*Sale offer finished.



Do you know I almost give up, when I need to master a basic skill of screen print here. You wouldn’t believe sketching and screen print, is totally different field at all. Although I good enough in Caricature. But in screen print, many step by step to apply until finished product. Passion needed a lot here. Hopefully people who love screen print, can explore more about here.

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