“Message from the Triton Lim Artist”

Be Memorable, One In Your Life

Breaking the tradition, bring in new elements, this is what he did, Triton Lim Artist – Caricature Artist Malaysia. Making popularity for various event such: corporate events, annual dinners, gala dinners, weddings, opening ceremony, product launching, campaign, private events, birthday party, carnival, conferences & others.

Our Services

  • Live Caricature Tradition
  • Live Caricature Digital
  • Caricature Education
  • Caricature Consultation
  • Caricature Premium & Production

You’re in Good Entertain

With Triton Lim Artist, he work with standard and providing guests the best caricature experience on hands. He is dedicated to make sure full of crowd and each guests get a unique caricature’s gift back home.

“Once in your life time, having Live Caricature in yours various event”

Present gifts to your special ones

Gift For You

With each gift you choose, you are bringing the smile to the faces of your friends and family. Caricature as gift are suitable for any occasion and any holiday season.

Some Awesome Client We Worked With

we love you choosing the right caricature artist here

Caricature Seminar Talk

“Bring up the “Caricature Awareness” to Schools, Public and Corporate”

Giving a chance for yours student to learn something unique. It giving benefit to students for learning something new about caricature. When students finish learning caricature drawing. They actually can experiences for giving contribution back to school. By live caricature drawing for fund raising, charity, teacher day, parents day and etc.

For corporate, beside giving extra bonus, special leisure treatment coupon, or image beauty course to your staffs. Why don’t you try giving something unforgotten memory and happiness to among your staffs, during learning caricature session.


Email: hello@tritonlim.com

“People want to look good and in a portraiture, the common plea is, ‘Please draw me nicely’. But in a caricature, you have to accept the comic depiction of you as the artist sees it.” – Majorie

Triton Lim Artist @ Since 2010


He, always doing something unusual and adverse thought in his life. He started drew with building up his own style. This giving him a peace in mind. A true passion must be follow what is in ours heart. “Honest & sincere” is the key factor among knowing great client and make business grow!!

What’s else he do?” Let’s begin with fundamental design structure on Business Card, Calendar, Blog, and whatever as long in his ability.

Triton Lim Artist, Caricature Artist Malaysia. Puchong. Passion in caricature.

Always refer website first. And preferred Email inquiry. Before you do PANIC-phonecall.
M: +6012-264 5319
Mon-Fri : 9AM – 6PM
Sat : 9AM – 2PM
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