What is “Caricature”?

“A person figure drawn with symbolic, exaggeration, humor and the soul remained.” – by Triton Lim Artist.

Find out more about caricature in Wikipedia. So that you could get a basic knowledge about caricature vs portrait. Somehow people confuse that doodling, landscape paint, portrait artist, fashion illustration artist, cartoonist and animators are same people who can draw caricature.


They are hundred and hundred Caricaturist in Malaysia. Every Caricaturist have theirs own personality and drawing style. Choose wisely. Big head small body doesn’t mean “Caricature“. Tracing outline from photo does not mean “Caricature” too. Hope that you could spend some little time to understand the caricaturist you are going to use with. And giving the best for your beloved one.

Nothing To Be Proud

“Work hard to build a great fundamental, this is proud. Work with driving people crazy believe in something untruth, this not should be proud!”